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Dear Smethportnet Member:

Here is an opportunity for you to make some money. You can contact me to answer any questions after read get this.

I need an advertising sales rep like yesterday. The information is at this link.

I want you to sell annual ad sponsor packages at $2480.00 each which will include a 60 second audio
commercial on each of the radio shows:

Instructions To Money

Captain Dan The Cavalry Man

Patriot Hub Radio

Faith Radio

Also they will get an audience of 3,000,000 annually in listeners.
A banner ad with a direct link to their web page on these sites:
and a link of

Each annual sponsor package you sell you will earn $480

I would like you to set a goal of 10 per month so that you make $4800 a month or $57,600 a year.

The job will require you call on potential advertisers by phone or through email contacts to close the deals and get 120 new advertisers a year. Each one that renews will also be worth the same rate and commission for you each year that they renew their annual sponsorship. So you have the potential to make as much as you want.

2010 sponsors = 120 @ $57,600 of which 100 renew = $48,000 + 120 in 2011 = $57,600 = $105,000 for 2011 commissions.

If you would like to do this you can contact me at & send where and when you want me to call you along with a phone number. You may also attach a resume with your email.


Dan Merrick

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