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History Moment for the day, July 4th 201

History Moment for the day, July 4th 2014 Another Reason Why I feel connected to Freedom:

According to the History Channel Documentary "The Story of Us", Facebook and computers are a result of Blacks and Women during the period leading up to the Civil War. A connection rarely seen by the creators of the internet and computers, the expansion of cotton growth created by the Cotton Gin invented by Ely Whitney caused a demand for different forms of cotton with patterns and colors. Joseph Marie Charles who was nicknamed "Jacquard" for Loom, was a french inventor who at the suggestion of women working in the mills to the looms to create new products with different colors of cloth. The dye colors were suggested by Black Slaves who would be tasked with making cloths for the children of their slave owners and wives. By adding the two concepts, the punch card method of telling the loom when to add colored stings to the pattern of cloth was invented. This is also where the slang "Colored" came from, since dyes of yarn involved harsh chemical mixtures and was tasked to the black slaves to avoid the white women being exposed to the coloring which caused their white skin to become colored or stained from the dye. Since the black slave women already had black skin, the dye would not show on their hands. This loom using colored stings with white cotton to make patterned cloth is the bases of the binary system used for computer codes where 0 zero and 1 is used to turn on or off the pixels of the screen you are looking at now which creates the pictures of words, color, and patterns of the browser and what you are now looking at on the screen while reading this. These mills first put women to work from both whites and blacks for a small wage of about a dollar to $2 a week in the early 1800's

When the mill owners suggest reducing wages for the women they organized a protest which lead to the suffrage movement when the women fought for the right to keep their $2 a week wage. Among those protesting women was the first women who later appeared before congress to get women the right to vote. This also brought up the controversy of "chattel slaves" where black women were paid a small amount for their work in accordance with Biblical TORAH LAW.

The resulting effect of this whole matter caused the rich catholic white slave owners of the democratic party forming in the south to eventually fight against the protestant antislavery north which causes the colorfully dressed former slave who escapes the south who could read and write, and who becomes one of the first published African American authors with a best selling book.Frederick Douglass (c. 1818–95) first came to public attention in the North as an orator for abolition and as the author of a moving slave narrative. He eventually became the most prominent African American of his time and one of the most influential lecturers and authors in American history.

At the root of the argument against slavery, was the BIBLICAL LAWS which required that slaves be PAID and released after a period of time, according to scriptures about 7 years. As a result of the influence of Douglass, Lincoln requires former slave owners to pay slaves upon emancipation an average of $200 to $600 for services and forcing all slaves to be free in the south. The Emancipation Proclamation starts the Civil War which leads to the Catholic Spy from the Jesuit Order to assassinate Abraham Lincoln - John W Booth. Along with the 7 conspirators who planned and killed Lincoln, the last four were not captured and executed until four years later when they were found hiding in the Vatican guard and were only expedited to the United States upon agreement to not publicly publish the involvement of the Catholic Church in the assignation of Lincoln.

So how is this all connected to ME and Independence Day ? Well during Lincoln's first term in officer before his second run when he made Andrew Johnson Vice President, My 4th Great Uncle Hannibal Hamlin was the 15th Vice President of the United States of America, AND THE FIRST VP of the Republican Party. Hamlin's Brother was the 10th Richest Banker in the US at the time and his Bank, Hamlin Bank and Trust is still in operation today in my home town of Smethport, Pennsylvania

Now Hannibal Hamlin died on July 4th, 1891, and that was 123 years ago today. To read more on Hannibla Hamlin and how he fought for the Emancipation Proclamation encouraging Lincoln to arm blacks to fight slavery, see

To see how I am related to Hannibal Hamlin see:

Hannibal Hamlin (1769 - 1811)
is your 4th great grand uncle
Eleazer Hamlin (1732 - 1807)
father of Hannibal Hamlin
Sally Hamlin (1775 - 1825)
daughter of Eleazer Hamlin
Alvah Doud (1796 - 1857)
son of Sally Hamlin
Betsey Aurilla Doud (1826 - 1898)
daughter of Alvah Doud
Charles G Redfield (1839 - 1932)
son of Betsey Aurilla Doud
Edna Pearl Redfield (1896 - 1982)
daughter of Charles G Redfield
Robert W Merrick (1918 - 2000)
son of Edna Pearl Redfield
Daniel Walter Merrick
You are the son of Robert W Merrick

To meet a cousin who looks alot like Hannibal in Smethport, visit McKean County ESales and hold a picture of Hannibal up to Perry and tell him Daniel Merrick sent you. Perry is a direct line from Hannibal Hamlin and looks just like him. Happy Independence Day!

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