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I have established a flood victums tax deductable account with my congregation. FEMA will not help without those who call in to be added to the list. SEE RSS FEED for smethport area and read the above post for information.

FEMA will only be giving low interest loans, many who need to replace their furnaces can not afford even a low interest loan due to being on Social Security or fixed retirement income.

CLICK the DONATE button here or at to contribute to help those in need and we will be distributing any funds collected to flood vitcums through local agencies on a need bases.

My house was flooded also but I have no need for any funds, Yahweh God has blessed me in that my furnace was replaced with another that I have for a back up in my storeage in Bradford that was not effected by the flood.

Many people are homeless and in need due to the flood. Please help if you can.

God Bless,

Dan Merrick, Admin

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