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Geo-Domain Names

The most expensive domains today are the geological rooted domains because they get searched, hit, and resourced more than others. The is because they are naturally hit as people look for information in their community, or when travelers search for accommodations or information on locations. With that in mind, this web site was designed to become a catch all for the McKean county area to help assist our communities in a ready resource to support each others business, events, planning, and to help facilitate more dynamic interaction on county issues and services.

Links are designed to help the student, business person, and teacher to gain maximum usage and potential out of this site. For example, a teacher may want to assign a graded task or community service event to teach a point in curriculum or to meet a senior project requirement. The Student then writes, directs, and produces a UStream Video TV show on this site and uses the project to raise funds for charity. The students page on the site is added with a widget from CHIP IN (see main page) and the funds collected are given to the charity. Maximum resource potential is designed into the site to help foster family and alumni social networking from long distance. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation and facilitation for student events and TV Shows when parents and family members can view them online.

Safe Surf features include moderated administration and NO AGE SEARCH parameters that insure family friendly environment is maintained on this site.

For more information on ads see the attachment and click on the Money Exchange Payment buttons on the main page.

For Charity ads just send a banner. or request to make one, widget services are free for charity, and email the administrator Dan.

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